Monday, January 22, 2007

Massacre IV, March 16th to 18th 2007

Sooo... here we are again...

It's that time of the year again. Time to start planning the mayhem that is the Paddy's Day Massacre. Last years event was an unparralelled success, and we want it to keep going that way. So once again there's an open invitation to the world to come and sample the delights that Dublin has to offer, being... em.... alcohol... parties... and lots of bike riding... with very little sleep.

No timetable as yet, but I will update this blog as things progress. There will be the usual main Paddy's Day Race on Friday night, out of towners race on Saturday, and hopefully some track time on the Sunday or Monday. Add to that the usual sprints, skids, circles, footdown, trackstand, polo(it will happen this year I promise) and there is really no reason for you not to come.

So anyone wishing to come drop me a line here, and ayone who might be interested in sponsoring we would LOVE to hear from you. Last years prizes were fucking great, so we'll hopefully get another great stash for all those willing to brave the weekend.

Ok, peace out, get thinking about flights etc... and I'll add to this soon.

Oh, and if anyone wants to submit some ideas for logos please feel free. We will be getting t-shirts spoke cards, maybe stickers and patches as well.


Results 2006

Ok, so here goes with results of the maddest weekend I've had in a long time. I'm not sure I'll ever really get over it, forget it, or remember some of it. Cheers to everybody that helped out; Rob for making sure I didn't go insane, Chris and Ben for helping us marshall on Fri night at possibly the most hectic alleycat we've seen, Steve for sorting out the decks on Fri night and rocking the joint along with Cliffy and Sean(oh the nakedness...), Liz for being the hostess with the mostest, Gromada for going above and beyond the call of duty to sort out the t-shirts and patches, and everyone in Dublin and from abroad who came and made this one of the biggest and most successful weekends of messenger event we've had in Dublin; roll on the worlds...

Fri Night Alleycat:

1st: Al
2nd: Sean and Adam
3rd: Will and John
4th: Murt and Brad
5th: Colin
6th: Ed
7th: Tom
8th: Danny/Fergus/Cuan

This was one of the most complicated alleycats to garner results from. The first few placings were easy but after that it got a bit murky. It's taken me all afternoon sifting through results to sort out the final standings.

Oh and DFL: All the girls. Should really have gotten a prize for most creative answers. I've never seen myself being raped by a horse before, it was an interesting image...


1st: Rob
2nd: Donnacha(sorry if I spelt that wrong man)
3rd: Big John


Round 1: Nate
Round 2: Dotc
Round 3: Ed

Props to Jack for coming 2nd in this with only one properly functioning hand. He rocked it all weekend.

Put your money where your mouth is round: Jamesie


1st: Zak
2nd: Mimi/Richie
3rd: Jamesie

Out-of-towners alleycat:

Well Lizard and Fergus arrived back first but hot on their heels was the one-handed-wonder Jack who stormed to be our first visitor across the finish line.

DFL: Lee. His chain came off and he realised that most Dublin people don't know their own city very well. We were beginning to get worried but he eventually made it back to claim DFL and brings home with him St Patricks Handlebars.


Unknown Distance: Jack
Devil take the hindmost: Zak
Sprints: Rob
Win and out: 55 John

And congratulations to team Ireland for winning the first Ireland vs. NY/Glasgow Italian pursuit.

In fact congratulations to anyone who made it down to the track to race on Sunday. I know I felt like vomiting after my first lap, and that feeling didn't leave me all day!

So that's it for this year. i hope everyone had a ball and I look forward to seeing everyone back next year, maybe for a more low-key weekend as we do have the worlds coming up next summer.

Look out for some photos here and on my profile, Robs profile, dublin messengers forum, in fact everywhere we can fit them.

One more quick shout out to all the sponsors:

Trackstar, Reload(amazing bag), Rapha, Gromada, Cyclone.